Checked Every Box

“In a world of aftermarket suspensions, the TransportMaster from Reyco Granning has taken a giant leap forward. From handling improvements to crew comfort, the Granning team has checked every box. Additionally, the recovery from kneeling is unmatched with a less than 5-second travel to getting back to ride height. This is, by far, the latest in air suspensions—engineered with both safety and patient care in mind!”

Kevin Kraus
Director of Engineering
REV Group

Elegant Simplicity

“My wife & I have owned five Class A motorhomes over the past 22 years – one gas-powered and four diesels.  We’re avid RV’ers and have logged approximately 200,000 total miles.

“From mid-2018 through late-2019 I also conducted comprehensive test drives of 12 additional Class A diesel motorhomes while working to diagnose a serious drivability issue with our 2018 Entegra Cornerstone.  Those evaluations conclusively demonstrated that that steer axle architecture makes a significant difference in how these big motorhomes drive. In August 2020 I had the opportunity to see Reyco Granning’s new ComfortMaster® IFS at their manufacturing facility in Mt. Vernon, Missouri.  Compared to other IFS’s with which I’ve become familiar, my initial impression of the ComfortMaster® design was “elegant simplicity.”

“A half-hour test drive behind the wheel of a Tiffin Allegro Bus retrofitted with a ComfortMaster® IFS solidly confirmed the benefits of that simplicity.  That coach, despite its almost 20-year age, was clearly the best driving Class A diesel motorhome I’ve ever experienced. I expect the ComfortMaster® IFS to be well-received by the RV industry and look forward to the availability of ComfortMaster® equipped motorhomes in the marketplace!”

Larry Beckner
Scottsdale, Arizona

Larry Amy Beckner

Industry Game-Changer

“When Lincoln Fire and Rescue was in the early stages of our fire engine builds, we did take a first glance at the IFS systems and put them on the back burner due to the fact that we wanted to maximize the total build of our fire engines with the allocated funding that the City of Lincoln had allotted our fire department.

“As the build went on with Field Fire and Spartan, our Apparatus Committee kept coming back to the IFS system as something that we really needed to take a look at.  I was hesitant again, not because of the system itself but due to the fact of our funding and truly needing to get seven fire engines bought.  As we prioritized our needs towards the end of the build with Eric Boes, our Feld Fire representative we did get to the point that the IFS system fit into our funding.

“I can tell you that was the best decision we at Lincoln Fire and Rescue made.  The turning radius that the IFS gives our fire trucks was just what we needed to navigate our narrow streets in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Our fire trucks literally will turn around in our City intersections with no problem at all.  The ride is much better for our providers and I have received multiple phone calls thanking us for installing the IFS Reyco Granning systems on our seven new fire engines from Spartan Motors.  It will no doubt cut down on back injuries that our older fire trucks have caused.

“I would highly recommend the IFS Reyco Granning system to everyone in the fire service when building fire trucks and fire engines.  Really a game changer for our industry.”

-Kendall Warnock
Division Chief
Lincoln, NE

Impressive Aparatus Control

“For emergency services response time can make the difference in saving lives and Fire Department crews responding safely is equally as important. At Saanich Fire we chose to use Reyco Granning independent front suspension on our recent Rescue Engine to ensure optimum maneuverability, ride stability and safety of our crews while responding. Our Engine drivers and Fire Officers are impressed with the apparatus control and ride comfort.”

-Dan Wood
Deputy Chief Operations,
Saanich Fire Department

Testimonials Saanich
Testimonials Saanich Fire Truck

Quality Product and Fantastic Customer Service

“Fantastic customer service! I called hoping to get some information on installation instructions for an older suspension setup. We were taking the suspension off a wrecked truck and putting it on another of the same year. I was very pleased with the level of service I received especially being 11 or so years after the product was purchased. I was emailed all product information including detailed install measurements. They also followed up with me to make sure I had gotten everything I needed to complete the install. I expected this process to be a pain but the staff at Reyco Granning made it a breeze. I would highly recommend them for both the quality of product and the fantastic customer service.”

– Cole
Review from Google My Business

Testimonials Cole
Testimonials Cole 2