Transportmaster ProductThe TransportMaster® line combines the durable R-Series drive axle air suspension with the latest air supply module the AirMaster®.
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A bolt-on upgrade to replace the factory leaf spring suspensions for shuttle bus, ambulance, RV, and work truck applications with Ford, RAM, GM, and EV chassis.

The R-Series was designed to improve ride quality, manage body height, and permit kneeling. The AirMaster is factory certified leak-free, eliminates air-line freezing, and dramatically improves compressor life relative to legacy air supply systems.

The TransportMaster® will enhance vehicle productivity, driver comfort, and resale value. The outcome is an astounding 426 pounds lighter and has an acquisition cost of $2,200 less than the Liquid Spring CLASS® equivalent.

The TransportMaster® family of systems exceeds the 70% US content necessary to meet the 2020 Federal Transit Administration regulations for Buy America Content.

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*TransportMaster® will NOT affect any manufacturer warranty, for additional clarification please contact your Reyco Granning sales manager.


Features and Benefits

FMVSS 105 Certified

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Stopping distance equal to or better than factory leaf spring suspension

Pre-assembled, modularized system with integrated air dryer

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100% certified leak-free and airline freezing eliminated

Proprietary CPU algorithm to eliminate unnecessary air compressor cycling

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Increases compressor life and minimizes parasitic power consumption; ideal for electric vehicle applications

Self-leveling system to maintain optimum ride height regardless of load

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Minimizes vibration and protects driveline components by maintaining optimal drive-shaft angle

Twin height control valves to maintain ride height side to side and increase roll stiffness

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Enhances the handling, safety, and value of the vehicle

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