The new TransportMaster line combines the durable R-Series drive axle air suspension with the latest air supply module the AirMaster®.

The system is a turn-key bolt-on upgrade to replace the inferior factory leaf spring suspension on Shuttle Bus, Ambulance, RV and Work Truck applications with Ford, Ram, GM, and EV chassis. The R-Series was designed to improve ride quality, manage body height, and permit kneeling relative to a factory leaf spring.

The AirMaster® is factory certified leak free, eliminates air-line freezing, and dramatically improves compressor life relative to legacy air supply systems. Engineered to utilize major OEM components to reduce installation costs.

The TransportMaster® will enhance vehicle productivity, driver comfort, and resale value. The outcome is an astounding 457 pounds lighter and has an acquisition cost of $2,500 less than the Liquid Spring CLASS® equivalent.



  • Self-leveling system to maintain optimal ride height regardless of load
  • Twin height control valves to maintain ride height side to side and increase roll stiffness
  • Proprietary CPU control module algorithm to eliminate unnecessary air compressor cycling. This dramatically increases compressor life and minimizes parasitic power consumption, ideal for electric vehicle applications. Pre-assembled, modularized system; 100% certified leak free.


  • Minimizes vibration and protects driveline components by maintaining optimal drive – shaft angle
  • Enhances the ride, safety, and value of the truck
  • Pre-plumbed, integrated air dryer to eliminate airline condensate and associated freezing.
  • Automated calibration and diagnostics to reduce installation complexity.