Reyco Granning’s model RTS1400 is a light weight tag steer axle suspension – steerable for increased handling, maneuverability and low tire wear. The RTS1400 is a 14,000 lb (6.3 t) tag suspension that features auto centering on reverse which allows the vehicle to maneuver backwards easily without raising the axle.  The RTS-Family of passive steer tag axles is compatible with front steer stop angles up to 55-degrees nominal.  Utilization of the RTS tag axle with front steer stop angles adjusted in excess of 55 degrees nominal will result in excessive lateral loading and tire wear and will void the RTS warranty.



  • GAWR 14,000 lb (6.3 t)
  • Adjustable frame width from 34” (863.6 mm) to 34.5” (876.3 mm)
  • Total axle travel of 7.80” (198.1 mm)
  • 8° Wheel Cut
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Bendix ADB22X Disc Brakes
  • Preset Hubs
  • Tag axle position