MODEL RD1200DA (by special order only)


A ReycoGranning® drive axle air suspension system is a replacement rear suspensions system that consists of an air control system, air springs, trailing arm beams, brackets, and mounting hardware. In general, the air suspension works by maintaining a constant ride height by adjusting the amount air pressure in the air springs



  • Delivers smooth air ride comfort, loaded or empty or towing
  • Enhances the ride, safety and value of the truck
  • Fast, easy, low-cost installation
  • Bolts directly to OEM chassis — no frame-welding
  • Custom designed for Dodge trucks
  • Does not affect truck’s load-carrying capacity
  • Self-leveling system maintains optimal ride height regardless of load
  • Twin height control valves maintain ride height side to side
  • Maintains optimum drive-shaft angle to minimize vibration and protect driveline components
  • Z-beam “big rig” design boosts roll stiffness and reduces body lean
  • Custom-tuned monotube shocks enhance ride and stability and shock life
  • Design minimizes stress on OEM frame-members
  • Utilizes key OEM components to reduce installation costs
  • Conversion does not affect OEM warranty
  • Cab control of rear air dumps to kneel/raise vehicle for easy trailer hook-up and rear-door loading
  • Ambulance air control kit offers faster air-dump/air-up
  • Meets all Dodge ship-through specs
  • Field-test proven for 20+ years
  • Reyco Granning Air Suspensions offer the most reliable, affordable, fully engineered systems for a wide range of work trucks, ambulances, shuttle buses, tow rigs, RVs and more.