The Reyco Granning model 88 is a robust steel spring stamped fabrication suspensions designed for lighter weight fleets that depend on their equipment for smooth and consistent performance even under the most extreme conditions. The model 88 guarantees long service life with minimal maintenance.



  • Heavy Haul
  • Platform
  • Low Deck
  • Dry or Liquid Bulk
  • Agriculture
  • Chassis
  • Dolly


  • GAWR (gross axle weight ratings) of 22,000 lb (9.0 t) and 25,000 lb (11.3 t)
  • 3″ (76 mm) spring
  • Under-mount and flange mount bolt-on hangers available
  • Mounting heights of 3” (76 mm) to 19” (482 mm)
  • Axle spacing includes 49” (1,245 mm), 54″ (1,372 mm) and 60” (1,524 mm)
  • Compatible with Single, Tandem, and Tridem configurations
  • 10% off-highway rated
  • Compatible with disc or drum brakes


  • Replaceable wear pads, an exclusive Reyco offering
  • Cast torque arms with higher volume bushings provide extra long service life
  • Special torque arm connection prevents axle hop experienced during braking.
  • Heavy duty hanger option available for extreme operations
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