The Reyco Granning model 79KB was designed as a single steel spring drive axle spring suspension that combines high weight capacity with excellent ride characteristics. Ride quality is enhanced by the long spring length while rugged cast components can carry load ratings up to 35,000 lb (15.9 t) With a wide range of options, the 79KB is one of the most customizable suspensions available for Class 5 through Class 8 trucks and tractors. It’s an ideal choice for everything from city delivery to extreme-duty fire and rescue.



  • Highway tractors
  • Straight trucks
  • Fire trucks

Jounce Stop Information



  • Auxiliary helper leaf available
  • Cast spring hanger brackets
  • Adjustable torque arms for easy alignment
  • Slipper type springs eliminate spring eyes and shackles
  • Multi-leaf and parabolic taper leaf springs
  • Optional stabilizer bar
  • Optional shock absorber
  • Optional jounce stop


  • 15,000 lb (6.8 t) to 35,000 lb (15.9 t) load capacity
  • Fits inside 60” (1,524 mm) frame length
  • 6.5” (165 mm) to 12” (305 mm) ride heights
  • Single axle application
  • Compatible with disc or drum brakes
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