The Reyco Granning model 240AR air ride drive axle suspension is lightweight and has a simple design that provides an excellent ride and requires low maintenance. Whether spending long hours on the road hauling cargo or just looking for a dependable suspension that will provide years of comfort and reliability for a high-end motorhome, the Reyco Granning 240AR is the ideal model.



  • Class A motorhomes
  • Class 8 tractors
  • Class 6 & 7 trucks


  • 8.5″ (215.9 mm) to 10″ (254 mm) mounting heights
  • Single Axle, 17,000 lb (7.7 t) to 23,000 lb (10.4 t) load capacity
  • Tandem Axle, 34,000 lb (15.4 t) to 46,000 lb (20.8 t) load capacity
  • Axle vertical travel 3 1/4″ (82.5 mm) up, 3 1/4″ (82.5 mm) down
  • 50″ (1270.0 mm) to 54″ (1371.6 mm) axle spacing


  • Low profile hanger clears 5th wheel mounting brackets
  • Adjustable torque arms and track rods locate axle and prevent tire wear due to misalignment
  • Excellent roll stability
  • Curved spring beams eliminates lower air spring support structure
  • Multiple ride heights and pinion angles available
  • Can be used with rear engine motorhomes and front engine trucks