The Reyco Granning model 102CC steel spring drive axle suspension has a proven track record as a rugged, reliable truck suspension. Rugged enough, in fact, to see duty on combat military vehicles as well. This single axle model is designed for severe-duty start-and-stop applications such as refuse trucks and snow plows. The leaf spring is shorter for minimal deflection and there is also an upper control arm to resist torque from acceleration and braking.



  • Single axle, 23,000 lb (10.4 t), 29,000 lb (13.1 t) & 31,000 lb (14.0 t) load capacity
  • 50”(1270 mm), 52” (1320.8 mm), and 60” (1524.0 mm) axle spread
  • 7.5” (190.5 mm) to 10 1/2” (266.7 mm) mounting height
  • 46” (1168.4 mm) frame rail length


  • Cast, adjustable torque arms and rubber bushings allow the suspension to absorb “diagonal walk” without transmitting stress to the vehicle
  • Upper control arm to stabilize vehicle during acceleration and braking
  • Cast hangers and axle seats
  • Shorter leaf spring for minimal deflection
  • Axle seats are available for all popular drive axles in a wide range of sizes and pinion angles.