The Reyco Granning model 102AR-HD air ride drive axle suspension was created to fill the unique needs of heavy-duty fire and rescue vehicle users:

  • Higher carrying capacity, up to 35,000 lb (15.9 t) GAWR
  • More roll resistance from a massive sway bar
  • Increased durability from the multi-leaf spring pack

Starting with components from the time-proven standard 102AR, Reyco Granning engineers worked with some of the nation’s top fire-fighters to turn an already rugged suspension into the HD version.




  • Fire trucks


  • Custom mounting heights
  • Single Axle, 24,000 lb (10.9 t) to 35,000 lb (15.9 t) load capacity
  • Tandem Axle, 48,000 lb (21.8 t) to 70,000 lb (31.8 t) load capacity
  • Axle vertical travel 3″ (76.2 mm) up, 2.5″ (63.5 mm) down
  • 54″ (1372 mm) axle spacing


  • Increased durability from the multi-leaf spring pack
  • 2″ (50.8 mm) diameter sway bar provides additional roll stiffness
  • Outboard mounted shock absorbers tuned for maximum vehicle stability
  • Close tolerance machined castings and high strength u-bolts create durable, trouble-free axle attachment
  • Cast adjustable torque arms for ease of alignment (up to 31k GAWR).
  • New extreme duty rigid torque arm with urethane eccentric bushing required above 31k GAWR (available for all GAWR’s)