Reyco Granning family of independent front suspensions for heavy-duty fire and rescue vehicles. These IFS suspensions combine high axle capacities with responsive handling that provides superior maneuverability, increasing safety for fire fighters while reducing response time in the most demanding conditions.



Heavy-duty fire and rescue vehicles in both on-road and off-road applications.


  • Koni 99 shock absorbers
  • Rugged components
  • Removable cross members
  • Industry standard components
  • ARK (Air Retention Kit) for use with outriggers
  • 9″ ride height
  • TAS85 TRW twin gear box with auto bleed
  • Eccentric alignment adjustment


  • Improved ride, excellent roll control and long shock life
  • Units can be subjected to the rigors of fire truck service both on and off road
  • Easy transmission filter changes
  • Parts are available on shorter notice to address truck down situations
  • Eliminates shock damage caused by axle resonance
  • Increased overhead clearance
  • Simplified steering set up
  • No additional parts are needed for alignment. Caster, camber and toe are all modifiable

Reyco Granning has more than two decades of industry leading experience manufacturing IFS suspensions. The IFS suspensions designed exclusively for fire apparatus deliver superior performance where you need it most.


  • Independent front wheel movement. Unlike an I-beam suspension system where both wheels are connected by a rigid axle, when one IFS wheel bounces the corresponding wheel is unaffected allowing it to continue straight and smooth. The benefit is improved ride, handling and tire wear.
  • Dynamic camber change during cornering, which allows the tires to “bite” into the pavement at a more aggressive angle helping the vehicle through a turn. On an I-beam suspension, the camber does not adjust and is maintained through the turn, thus cornering capabilities can be compromised in tight turns leading to instability.
  • Lower unsprung mass so chassis harshness and vibration are reduced when compared to I-beam axle excitation, providing better protection for equipment and a smoother ride for passengers.
  • Standard with 17” disc brakes, which reduces stopping distances and brake fade.


  • An industry-leading 55º wheel cut/angle with 385/65R 22.5 tires provides unsurpassed maneuverability and a tighter turn capability. With increased turning capabilities, crews can get into position more quickly.


  • Adaptable suspension design elements like alternate cross members, allow easy configuration to accommodate multiple engine, turbo and transmission combinations.
  • Removable lower cross members allow easy access to transmission servicing, whereas competitive suspensions require dropping the entire suspension.
  • Standard parts like kingpins, bearings, knuckles and hubs mean there’s no long wait for specialty parts to get the truck back on the road.


  • Reduced weight and maintenance over competitive product
  • Automatic height control
  • Ride height and axle rate stiffness adapt to changing road conditions on loads