IFS17S3, IFS18S3, IFS20S3

Reyco Granning’s ComfortMaster is a full line of independent front suspensions for motorhomes that provide better performance and ease of use. These turnkey suspensions deliver peace of mind as well as a superior ride and are designed to reduce engineering time required at the OEM.

Current Production Models:

IFS17S3 (17,000 lb (7.7 t) load capacity)
IFS18S3 18,000 lb (8.2 t) load capacity)
IFS20S3 (20,000 lb (9.1 t) load capacity)
Comfort Master




  • 6.56″ (167 mm) ride height
  • 34.25″ (895 mm) frame width
  • Integrated steering gear box
  • Disc brakes with 17″ (432 mm) rotors
  • FL wheel end components
  • 58° Wheel cut


  • Industry leading wheel cut which allows for a tight turning radius and better maneuverability. Available with most tires up to 385R.
  • Independent camber and casters adjustments for less hassle and ease of maintenance.
  • 80% of the parts are shared throughout the IFS family making maintenance easier and less costly.
  • Shocks are at a one-to-one ratio for a more comfortable ride.
  • Better damping resulting in improved tire performance.
  • A low unsprung mass resulting in low natural frequency and an overall better ride.
  • A lighter weight cradle reduces fuel costs.
  • Better cornering geometry.
  • Better roll stability.
  • Independent and fully adjustable camber, caster and toe.

Additional Capacities Available for Release:

  • 10,000 lb (4.5 t)
  • 12,000 lb (5.4 t)
  • 14,600 lb (6.6 t)
  • 16,600 lb (7.5 t)

Custom Product:

Comfort MasterWe can custom design an IFS for program partners that meets your needs via our New Product Development Process. For more information on our development process and services we provide to our program partners. click here.