ComfortMaster is a Reyco Granning family of independent front suspensions, the combination of high axle capacities with responsive handling providing class leading steer angle, improving maneuverability, while increasing driver confidence; allowing for increased seat time.



  • An industry leading 17k or 20k 60º inside wheel cut cut/angle with 365/70R 22.5 or 315/80R 22.5 on the 17k
  • Powerful single gearbox provides industry leading static steer capability (Related to 17K only – 20 utilizes steer helper cylinders)


  • Strut suspension with tuned integrated dampers
  • Optimized sub-components
  • Compact design / low weight
  • Industry leading roll control
  • Built in anti-dive geometry
  • Drastically reduced number of moving components when compared to a typical SLA IFS


  • Smaller packaging footprint for improved wheel cut
  • Robust components while minimizing weight and footprint impact
  • Lowering hydraulic flow rates required – smaller pump than would be needed with twin gears
  • Allows extra room under the coach for cargo and more of it
  • Improves handling in high wind situations or when passing semi-trucks, leading to reduced driver fatigue and increased driver confidence
  • Reduces brake dive under hard stops leading to reduced stopping distances while increasing driver confidence overall
  • Results in fewer wear items with a more streamlined maintenance schedule.