Electronic Air Control System

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The AirMaster, the latest suspension air control system for suspensions in Medium Duty markets. Incorporates an electronic height control system and was designed to improve the durability and reduce the installation complexity for Reyco Granning’s R Series suspensions for Ford, GM and RAM trucks. In addition, the AirMaster can be used as a compact, stand-alone suspension air control system for vehicles equipped with hydraulic brakes and no onboard air compressor.

The AirMaster is factory certified leak free, eliminates air-line freezing, and dramatically improves compressor life relative to legacy air supply systems.  The R-Series AM combination enhances vehicle productivity, driver comfort, and resale value.  The outcome is an astounding 457 pounds lighter, with an acquisition cost of $2,500 less than the Liquid Spring CLASS® equivalent.

The R-Series® or AirMaster® can also be purchased separately.

Part Number K714393
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  • Pre Plumbed
  • Electronic height control system
  • Integrated air dryer
  • Automated calibration and diagnostics
  • Quick exhaust and fill cycle time
  • Kneels while maintaining residual air pressure
  • Integrated into a single enclosure
  • Low amperage draw


  • 100% certified leak free module
  • Less compressor run time for significantly longer life
  • Eliminates airline freezing
  • Plug and play design
  • Eliminates delays
  • Improved response time
  • Simplified installation and quiet operation
  • Perfect for electric vehicle