Electronic Air Control System

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The AirMaster® by Reyco Granning is the latest air control system for suspensions in the Light/Medium Duty markets. The AirMaster® incorporates an electronic height control system and was designed to improve the durability and reduce the installation complexity for Reyco Granning’s R-Series® suspensions for Ford, GM, and RAM trucks. In addition, the AirMaster® can be used as a compact stand-alone suspension air control system for vehicles equipped with hydraulic brakes or no on-board air compressor.

The AirMaster® is factory certified leak free, comes pre-plumbed with an integrated air dryer to eliminate air-line condensation and associated line freezing, while a proprietary CPU control module eliminates unnecessary air compressor cycling leading to dramatically improved compressor life relative to legacy air supply systems.

The R-Series® and AirMaster® can be purchased separately or they can be purchased together to form a TransportMaster® system, click here for more information on the TransportMaster®.

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Part Number K714393
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  • Pre Plumbed
  • Electronic height control system
  • Integrated air dryer
  • Automated calibration and diagnostics
  • Quick exhaust and fill cycle time
  • Kneels while maintaining residual air pressure
  • Integrated into a single enclosure
  • Low amperage draw


  • 100% certified leak free module
  • Less compressor run time for significantly longer life
  • Eliminates airline freezing
  • Plug and play design
  • Eliminates delays
  • Improved response time
  • Simplified installation and quiet operation
  • Perfect for electric vehicle

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