Reyco Granning Taking More Steps to Sustainability

Reyco Granning announces steps taken to become more a more sustainable company

Reyco Granning has been working to integrate sustainability into daily operations in ways that advance our business, and honor our commitments as a responsible corporate citizen.

In 2020 we replaced all interior light fixtures with LED, this has reduced our electricity usage by 30% or 693,000 kilowatt hours annually. In 2021 we implemented modern air compressors and dryers greatly improving the quality of our compressed air and reducing electricity usage by an additional 2.5%. Most recently we have added new aluminum recycling bins, installed programmable thermostats, and eliminated rodent traps.  In the spring of 2022, we will be planting trees on our unused acreage.

When asked his thoughts President John Stuart shared this, “These small measures reduce our carbon footprint, preserve nature, and keep our employees more comfortable.  My leadership team will continue seeking these sorts of opportunities going forward.” 

We take great pride in our efforts to not only be more efficient but to also reduce our overall footprint in the community. We are constantly growing and pursuing new avenues to continue our overall sustainability.

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