New Weight Variant for the 102AR HD

Reyco Granning | October 10, 2019 |

Mt. Vernon, MOReyco Granning releases a new 35,000 lb. GAWR version of their 102AR-HD suspension. This increases the capacity range of the 102AR-HD family from the 27,000 lb. variant that was released last year.  It also acts as an air suspension upgrade compliment to the 79KB leaf spring suspension that was already available in 27,000 and 35,000 lb. capacities.

The new higher capacity allows customers to carry additional gear or to revert from a 6X4 specification down to a 4X2.  A heavy single axle in lieu of a tandem results in a lower cost vehicle with a shorter wheelbase and tighter turn radius.

The 102AR HD variant is an ideal choice for extreme-duty fire and rescue, “This product is a field-proven cousin to the 102AR that has capably served the heavy vehicle industry since 1985.  It was developed for the specific load carrying needs of the fire and rescue market” according to John Stuart, President of Reyco Granning.

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