Loose Axle

Reycogranning Aftermarket Traileraxles

Superior Strength. Proven Performance

When you choose Reyco Granning Axles, you can be sure that all service components are readily available through the North American aftermarket parts channels. Components such as brake shoes, bearings, seals, spindle nuts, camshafts and camshaft bushings are all interchangeable with popular aftermarket part numbers.

Reyco Granning Global Axle

Reycogranning Aftermarket Traileraxle2 300x128Manufactured using industry-leading techniques, the Reyco Granning Global Axle has garnered a distinguished record of outstanding performance in markets around the world. Strong, lightweight, and incredibly durable, the Global Axle delivers superior value at a lower cost.


  • One-piece tubing results in lighter weight with a stronger axle
  • Induction heat treated spindle bearings and seal journals provide longer wear
  • Journals finished on a full-length grinder guarantees neutral camber and toe
  • Axle tube is drilled, tapped and plugged in preparation for the PSI tire inflation system


  • A 1 5/8″  journal at spider provides less torsion and less stroke
  • Symmetrically-milled S-heads ensure equal engagement of both shoes with the drum and less stroke
  • An induction hardened head, journal and spline produce less wear and a longer life


  • Extended life, 16.5″ x 7″ brake shoes standard
  • Accurate positioning of cams and anchors result in less stroke
  • Full ABS preparation in SAE position provide universal operation
  • E-coated shoes to resist rust-jacking
  • Linings formulated for North American market
  • 5” round tube (1/2″, 5/8″ or 3/4″ wall)
  • 5.75″ round tube (10 mm wall)
  • Extended life long S-Cams with extended life brake shoes (20K rated)
  • Dyno tested brake linings
  • Full ABS preparation
  • Axle tube is drilled,tapped in preparation for tire inflation systems
  • N series tapered or parallel spindles
  • Air Chamber support brackets welded to axle
  • SAE1527 quench and temper tubing
  • Cam enclosures
  • Additional cam lengths
  • 23K rated brake lining
  • Additional axle tracks
  • Drop-center axles
  • Dust shields
  • Disc brakes
  • ABS sensor
  • Fully dressed axles

All standard heavy duty trailer applications including:    

  • Dry freight and refrigerated vans
  • Platforms and drop decks
  • Dump trailers
  • Tank trailers, liquid and dry bulk
  • Livestock and grain trailers
  • Container chassis