Discontinued Models

Reycogranning Aftermarket Discontinued 1

Reyco Granning is committed to keeping your vehicles on the road even if you have a suspension no longer in production. We will continue to provide genuine service parts for a minimum of ten years after the suspension is discontinued. Please contact your Reyco Granning Customer Service Specialist for all you parts needs.

Listed below is a list of the suspension models that are discontinued but for which you can still buy parts. Please note: Some parts may not qualify for standard price and lead-time.

Motorhomes & Buses

  • IFS1050S2
  • IFS1260S
  • IFS1460S2
  • IFS1700
  • IFS1700S
  • IFS1700S-60
  • IFS1700S3
  • IFS1800S2
  • IFS1800S3
  • IFS2000S2
  • IFS2000S3
  • IFS1000-WF


  • DM400
  • Model 86
  • Model 91
  • 20AR/RS3162
  • 19AR/RS1062
  • 30AR/RS1082
  • 86AR/RS1015, RS3015, RS1035, RS3035

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